System to Track Faulty Auto Parts

System to Track Faulty Auto PartsSystem to Track Faulty Auto Parts

Following a recent amendment to the executive bylaw for the protection of vehicle consumer rights, all distributors of vehicles in Iran will be obliged to establish a system that helps track the auto parts used in vehicles.

According to ISNA, the number of brand new locally produced vehicles that break down due to technical problems is on the increase, the causes of which are mostly traced back to low quality auto parts.

The bylaw indicates that with the implementation of the new system, if a fault is found with a certain auto part, vehicles equipped with them can be quickly identified and recalled for repairs.

Details have not yet been released on how the system will work, who will be developing it or what organizations will be responsible for implementing it. The amendment is currently being examined by the Cabinet and once it is ratified, it will be communicated to all vehicle distributors across the country.