Q1 Vehicle Export Report Released

Q1 Vehicle Export Report Released
Q1 Vehicle Export Report Released

Iran Customs Administration has released its first quarter report (ending June 21) on vehicle exports, which indicates that over 3,500 vehicles have been shipped abroad.

According to ISNA, the quarterly report says 3,516 vehicles were exported with Iraq and the European Union being among the buyers.

During the period, nearly 2,400 Peugeot Pars produced by Iran Khodro Company—each worth $5,700—were sent to Iraq.  The same vehicle is sold for $12,000 locally.

At 630 vehicles, Saipa's Pride was the second most popular imported vehicle to Iraq. The vehicle, which is popular with cab drivers in Baghdad and referred to locally as the "Breadwinner", was priced at $5,500. In Iran the same vehicle is sold for $6,000.

During the same period, nearly 550 Tibas produced by Saipa were also exported to Iraq, Spain, Sudan and Germany. At nearly $1,000 above the local price, each vehicle was sold for $6,600.

Germany has also bought two Sorens and one Runna—both vehicles are manufactured by IKCO. The price set for Soren and Runna was $7,000 and $8,500 respectively both lower than the price they are sold for in Iran.

Iran Khodro and Saipa do not have representation in the European Union and the probable reason for their limited export numbers to places like Germany would be for testing purposes. Iranians abroad may also be purchasing them for the novelty factor.

In the near future, Iranian vehicles could make their way to the EU, though it would be complete knock-down foreign vehicles assembled in Iran rather than Iranian brands.