Honda: Big Changes Coming

Honda:  Big Changes  Coming  Honda:  Big Changes  Coming

Honda's new CEO Takahiro Hachigo is promising to take more time in product development and to bring his company together as a team to avoid the quality lapses that have led to shrinking profits at the Japanese automaker. According to AP, Hachigo, an engineer who has worked in the US as well as China, talked to reporters Monday after his appointment was approved by shareholders and the company board. Honda's brand image has suffered after a series of massive recalls for popular vehicles in Japan, as well as for defective Takata airbags in global markets. Hachigo is now promising to turn the company around centered on raising the efficiency of global manufacturing and delivering on what he called Honda-like products. But it was a little short on specifics. The new chief executive said he also wanted to consider tying up with other automakers if that brings benefits to Honda and its customers.