New Sales Guidelines

New Sales Guidelines New Sales Guidelines

Under a law approved by the Hassan Rouhani Cabinet, Iranian automotive suppliers are now required to provide a comprehensive manual or "vehicle guide" in the Persian language to all new car buyers, according to ISNA. The new rule, which also applies to vehicles imported under official licenses, must now also include information on what to do in case of a breakdown on the road. Along with the new information pack, car distributors must also provide a car jack and emergency breakdown equipment with the sale of new vehicles. The new guidelines say that all safety information and equipment must be inside the car at the point of sale and be fully functioning on delivery of the vehicle. Prior to this announcement, only locally produced cars provided limited local language support for a range of automotive issues like changing fuses and oil. One of the important issues of the new provisions is to force local distributors to protect the rights of consumers and a new vehicle ombudsman will be introduced for complaints on car purchases.