Jeep Probed for Brake Problems

Jeep Probed for Brake ProblemsJeep Probed for Brake Problems

America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Jeep over unintended braking. The NHTSA has announced a probe of 20,000 Grand Cherokee SUVs from model year 2014, Autoblog reported on Sunday. Nine complaints have been received, with owners alleging that their Jeeps have issued brake warnings or gone ahead and applied the brakes when no threat was presented. Each complaint alleges that the vehicles have exhibited this behavior repeatedly, leading to a “sudden reduction in vehicle speed in traffic.” So basically, a system designed to prevent accidents could actually increase the odds of a collision happening. Speaking to AP, Jeep spokesperson Eric Mayne said owners whose vehicles are exhibiting this behavior should report to dealers, while adding that the automatic braking/adaptive cruise control systems can be deactivated.