Renault Captur Presales Begin

Renault Captur Presales BeginRenault Captur Presales Begin

Renault's small SUV vehicle, called Captur, has begun presales in Iran, Donyaye Khodro reported on Sunday. Interested buyers can now sign up for the car on Iran Khodro's website.  Reports of the car arriving on the streets of Iran have been circulating for months, however it was only this week that the Renault crossover vehicle appeared on IKCO's main web page. Captur is based on the Renault Clio, with a small 1.2 gasoline engine on offer initially to Iranian buyers.  The raised ride height, being 50 cm from the floor, gives it the look of a micro-SUV. Captur also corners well without much body roll. Its suspension is good at soaking up urban bumps and potholes. The top speed of the small energy saving engine is 191km/h according to the manufacturers' UK website. The vehicle is being initially offered for 989 million rials ($29,000 at the free market rate).