Auto Prices Edge Down

Auto Prices Edge Down
Auto Prices Edge Down

Automakers are insisting on raising car prices again as the seasonal slump in the market together with consumers' reluctance to purchase has caused the prices of domestically produced cars as well as a few foreign ones to edge down in the past few weeks.

According to Fars news agency, prices of some domestic cars have seen a $30-1,800 (1-60 million rial) drop and foreign cars have gone lower on the price ladder by $600-2,400 (20-80 million rials).

An overview of the price log of Iran Khodro (the leading Iranian manufacturer) vehicles indicates that each dual-fuel powered Peugeot Pars is now priced at $11,760 (388 million rials) with a $60 (2 million rial) drop. The price of the year's gasoline fueled Peugeot Pars has reached $11,150 (368 million rials) after a $120 (4 million rials) dive down.

The prices of E1 and E2 models of Dacia Logan (or Tondar90) both saw a $150 (5 million rials) drop and are now offered in the market at $16,820 (555 million rials) and $11,400 (376 million rials), respectively.

Runna and Samand LX (two of Iran Khodro's Iranian-designed passenger cars) were also affected by the price reductions and are currently sold at $9,940 (328 million rials) and $9,340 (328 and 308 million rials), respectively, both down by $60 (2 million rials).

One car in particular has lost significant value. Iran Khodro's Dena has recently seen a sharp decrease to $13,730 (453 million rials) from the previous $15,460.

The market also experienced a $600 drop in the prices of Saipa produced cars including Tiba and Saipa 131, while the price of Saipa 111 (type SE) rising $333 (110 million rials).

Meanwhile, the prices of Pars Tondar and hatchback Tiba (type 2) were unchanged.

Saipa's (the second largest auto manufacturer) newest product Kia Cerato Sedan 2015 with automatic transmission is sold for $27,890 (920 million rials) indicating a $900 (30 million rials) drop in the past few days. Its manual type is sold at $22,930 (756.5 million rials) which is $100 lower than its previous standing. Prices of imported cars such as the Toyota Corolla 2015, hatchback Yaris, 2015 Optima, Hyundai I20, and New Kia Sportage 2015 declined by $303-600 (10 to 20 million rials) in price each.