Honda S660 on Sale in Japan

Honda S660 on Sale in Japan
Honda S660 on Sale in Japan

Honda has announced that their all new sub-compact S660 will be released in Japan only this year Motor Authority announced on Monday. Similar to the Civc Type R which is released in all global markets including Iran, the s660 is a small engine 66 horsepower three cylinder car, but although small sounding does pack a punch as it weighs just over 900 kilograms.

The little Honda is low and wide, and weight distribution is a near-perfect 45-55 front-rear. The most exciting news about the S660 is the availability of a proper six-speed manual gearbox, which will up the fun factor exponentially. In the press literature, Honda states that this is a first for a mini-vehicle and by looking at the cars weight distribution we can see they may be right.

Those who don't opt for the third pedal will have to make due with a paddle shift-equipped CVT, though in an age when manufacturers are increasingly ignoring the stick, it would seem criminal not to choose it.  

A limited number of 'S660 Concept Editions' will be available, though the differences between mainstream models—red roll top, leather touch points, red stitching—seem to be inconsequential. More exciting are upgrades available from semi-official Honda tuner Mugen, which include suspension bits, big brakes, a front lip spoiler and rear diffuser. A carbon fiber rear wing, vented hood, more aggressive fenders, a gloss-black grill and 15- or 16-inch wheels complete the exterior modifications.

While the Japanese kei cars (small vehicles) have occasionally made the migration out of their native country—mostly to micro-friendly markets like India—it is unlikely that the car will make it to the Middle Eastern markets.

Iran by its geographic placement and lack of vehicle options is unlikely to see this car in the near future. Many of the cars imported to the Islamic Republic are usually destined for Arab countries, thus are larger models with bigger engines.