Government Policy Deeming Tires Strategic Harmful 

Industry players believe when tires are considered a strategic commodity, wrong decisions are made and instead of supporting the strategic industry, the government supports its product
Government Policy Deeming Tires Strategic Harmful 
Government Policy Deeming Tires Strategic Harmful 

Tire industry players believe that apart from supply and economy-related problems, the government’s policy considering tires as a strategic product creates problems for the industry. 
"When you consider a product strategic, decisions are made to reduce the risks associated with that product from the macroeconomic and consumer viewpoints and how it impacts other industries or society, which is a correct approach. But the problem is that considering tire a strategic product is wrong,” CEO of Yazd Tire Iraj Zamani-Fard was quoted as saying by Donyaye Khodro.
"For instance, the pharmaceutical industry is strategic, but not medicine. Because we do not use the medicine daily. But if we get sick or need a special drug, we should be able to procure it easily. Same with the tire industry; the industry should be considered strategic, but not the tire itself,” he added.
The CEO of Yazd Tire noted that on average, a consumer buys tires for his car once every four years, but not every day.


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