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Book on Ancient Persian Empire Unveiled

Book on Ancient Persian Empire UnveiledBook on Ancient Persian Empire Unveiled

The foreign ministry unveiled a book titled ‘A Glance at the Glorious Empire of Pars’, at a function attended by Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif and his Portuguese counterpart Rui Machete at the foreign ministry premises in Tehran, on Monday.

The book refers to relations between Iran and Portugal in the New Age (1507-1750). Before the unveiling ceremony, Zarif hailed Iran and Portugal’s long-standing relations, noting he had held talks with his Portuguese counterpart on various regional and international issues, FNA reported.

Written by the Portuguese historian Joao Teles e Cunha, who was also present at the ceremony, the book contains valuable, firsthand historical information on the Safavid Empire, the rise and fall of Portugal’s naval power in the Persian Gulf, and the efforts of the former Portuguese-ruled state of Goa in India, to form alliances with Iran.