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Handimals: Body Art With an Environmental Twist

Handimals: Body Art With an Environmental TwistHandimals: Body Art With an Environmental Twist

In the hands of Italian artist Guido Daniele, body painting takes on a unique form. Using the human hand as a canvas, he creates detailed, life-like animals.

According to Euronews website, he calls his creations ‘Handimals’, fusing the words ‘hand’ and ‘animal’. It’s this 64-year-old’s way of drawing attention to the plight of endangered species.

“Animals on the hands means ‘give a hand to the animal’,” said Daniele. “Give a hand to the protection of the animals. We must be positive. The artists, they have a chance to give a message with their art. And the message for me is protect the nature, protect the life, and don’t destroy. So I do my research. I give my message for my life and after that I can do nothing more.”

Daniele’s work made its US debut at the ‘Top of the Rock’ observation deck at Rockefeller Center, New York.

He only has a one-day timeframe per painting. Once finished, photos are taken and then exhibited.

Normal paints contain poisonous elements, which are harmful to the human skin. So, Daniele uses a special product.

“I use make-up colors,” he explained. “A make-up color for Japanese theatre is a natural powder with water, without glue. And this color, they stay a few hours. So I must do the job in one day. So even the more complicated, they must be painted in six hours, eight hours, 10 hours, not more because after that I have to shoot and the day is finished.”