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Atighechi’s Painting, Calligraphy Exhibition in Tehran

Atighechi’s Painting, Calligraphy Exhibition in TehranAtighechi’s Painting, Calligraphy Exhibition in Tehran

An exhibition of the works by Abolghasem Atighechi, also known as Abol, will be held in Momayez Gallery at Iranian Artists’ Forum from January 31 to February 8.

The exhibition will comprise two sections: one Atighechi’s paintings and the other his calligraphic artworks, Honaronline quoted the artist as saying.  

The first section showcases two sets of paintings and is devoted to glass paintings; the second displays figurative art created during the 1990s.

“It is 40 years since I first started painting,” he said, lamenting that he has no records of his early works. However, the works that are to be displayed in the exhibition belong to 25 years ago when he lived in France.

The figurative paintings depict portraits of Aboriginals of Australia and Canada as well as American Indians, in whom he developed an interest when he studied fine arts at Oklahoma, the home to Indian American tribes, about 30 years ago, said Atighechi.

He said he painted the portraits using the “image he had in mind and the ones depicted in books,” using acrylic paint on canvas, and without any pre-determined design.

The calligraphy part of the exhibition will display calligraphic works shaped by the artist in a modern environment. The paintings are mainly composed of two words: Jan (life or spirit) and Jahan (the world), said the artist.


Atighechi is a pioneering artist who has discovered new aspects and shapes in calligraphic painting. The calligraphies are in Nastaligh style/script, with each painting encompassing large vacant spaces filled with innovative forms by the artist.

He has also written a book on the rules of using colors in calligraphic painting. The book is not published yet as he is waiting to find the right publisher. “The rules are set by European gurus,” he said, adding that he has also shared his experience of painting and making use of colors in calligraphy with the youth.

Born in 1948, Atighechi learned painting and miniature from Hossein Behzad, the legendary Iranian painter. He graduated in engineering from Queen Mary University of London. He also has an art certificate from Oxford University. Later he went to the United States to continue his studies in fine arts.

He lived for 10 years in France, and was part of the artists’ society of Paris. Atighechi took part in numerous exhibitions in France and other parts of the world before he returned to Iran in 1992.