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Int’l Forum on 4 Ancient Cultures to Be Established

Int’l Forum on 4 Ancient Cultures to Be EstablishedInt’l Forum on 4 Ancient Cultures to Be Established

The international forum on cross cultural exchange in antiquity between Greece, Iran, India, and China will be soon formed.

Dariush Akbarzadeh, faculty member of the Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) as well as member of the executive-scientific committee of the seminar made the announcement at the seminar in the Indian capital New Delhi recently, MNA reported.

The formation of the forum which was proposed at the seminar will officially start its activities after the process of registration. Akbarzadeh and Fariba Sharifian, another faculty member of the institute have been selected as the members of the forum.

An electronic magazine to support the studies on the four great ancient cultures will also be published, said Akbarzadeh.

The international seminar on cultural exchange in antiquity titled ‘Cross Cultural Knowledge Exchange in Antiquity: Interactions between Greece, Iran, India and China’ took place early in January.

An international group of archaeologists, historians, linguists, epigraphers, art historians and historians of science and technology attended the event.

The seminar sought to offer a unified perspective on the mutual interaction of Greek, Indian, Iranian and Chinese cultures in the wider Indian domain in the period of antiquity. It also aimed to achieve further collaboration among ancient Indian, Iranian, Chinese and Greek studies.