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Amirkhani Synonymous With Calligraphy

Amirkhani Synonymous  With Calligraphy Amirkhani Synonymous  With Calligraphy

The Iran Society for the Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries in Tehran hosted a ceremony on Saturday (Jan 24) to pay glowing tributes to the veteran calligrapher Gholam-Hossein Amirkhani on his 75th birthday.

Society president Dr. Mehdi Mohaghegh said honoring a person like Amirkhani “is in fact appreciating science, knowledge and art,” Honaronline reported.

Pointing to Amirkhani’s role in promoting the art of calligraphy in the country, another calligraphy master Mohammad Salahshoor said in the entire  history of the nation there were just a couple of female calligraphers in Iran. However, today their numbers have gone up to 1200 and among them 6 have mastered this genuine Iranian art, learning through the teachings of Amirkhani, in one way or another.”

Director General of Qazvin’s culture and Islamic organization Mehdi Ahmadi drew attention to the similarities between calligraphy and poetry and said, “whenever there is talk of Iranian rich poetry, Hafez and Saadi, are the first names that come to the mind; likewise, wherever they speak about calligraphy and Nastaleeq script, it is impossible not to think of Mir Emad and Amirkhani first. These two celebrated personalities are synonymous with calligraphy.”

Also at the event, two of Amirkhani’s students, who are now masters in the field, spoke on the moral virtues of their master, saying: “He loves all human beings; he generously cares about his students and treats them like a kind father.”


Later, Amirkhani went on the stage to receive the honorable mention. Stating that “there is a link between all the calligraphers in the country which is love,” he said “love is the guiding light to everyone who steps in its path and dedicates their life to it.”

Saying he is fortunate, he named four influential factors that helped him reach his position today. His parents for being so considerate, literate, and patient; his wife for all the efforts she has made for him; his skilled masters for all that they taught him; and finally being active in sports.

Officials and cultural figures including writer Mohammad-Ali Eslami-Nodooshan, director Behrouz Gharibpour, Hojatoleslam Mahmoud Doaei, head of Iran Cinema Organization Hojatollah Ayoubi, along with many other artists, scholars, professors, clergymen, and art fans took part in the ceremony.

  Unique Style

Born in 1939 in Taleghan, Amirkhani has developed his own unique style in Nastaleeq, one of the main styles used in Persian calligraphy. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, he worked as director of the Supreme Council of Iranian Calligraphers Society, manger of Arasbaran Cultural Center, director of the Supreme Council of Iranian Artists Forum, member of the National UNESCO Committee, and member of Traditional Arts Group of the Iranian Academy of Arts. He has also been among the jurors of international calligraphy competitions in Turkey and several such competitions in Iran.

The prestigious titles and awards bestowed upon the artist include: first degree medal of arts and culture and honorary figure at the Iranian Academy of Arts and Iranian Science and Cultural Hall of Fame.

Amirkhani has taught calligraphy at the Iranian Calligraphers Society for several years and many prominent contemporary calligraphers have been his students and followers of his style. He has also held several group and solo exhibitions in Iran, England, Syria, Pakistan, France, and the UAE.