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Over 2000 Artists at 33rd Fajr Theater Festival

Over 2000 Artists at 33rd Fajr Theater FestivalOver 2000 Artists at 33rd Fajr Theater Festival

A total of 2236 artists in the field of dramatic arts are involved in the 33rd International Fajr Theater Festival, the biggest theater event in the country, according to the festival organizers.

Fajr theater festival showcases the annual theatrical activities of Iranian artists. Directors, actors, playwrights, photographers, poster, set, and make-up designers, along with many other people are involved in the plays performed at the festival, Honaronline reported.

In this year’s festival, 110 plays written by Iranian playwrights are being staged of which 96 works are penned by men and 14 by women. Among the 100 directors, 15 are women. The majority of directors are from the younger generation, between 20 and 40 years.

Close to 1000 actors will show their ability and skill to the audience including 585 actors and 389 actresses from the total 974 performers who will perform both on the stage and in street plays.

Launched on January 21, the theater festival is underway in Tehran to conclude on February 1.