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Digital Storytelling Workshop

Digital Storytelling WorkshopDigital Storytelling Workshop

A training program on digital storytelling for participants with various abilities in literature, science and computer will be conducted soon. The training is aimed at providing participants with various tools, either audio or visual, to enable them to express their stories digitally, ISNA reported.

At the end of the program there will be two exhibitions - physical and virtual - to display the achievements of the participants.

The workshop is designed by the Shahrzad Group with the help of Arya institute for adolescents and adults and the cooperation of three experts in storytelling, narrative photography, film making and computer.

Hasan Rasti, one of the trainers, says the workshop for adolescents also aims at making a creative atmosphere in the virtual world. Laleh Khosravi and Marjan Foroughi will be among the trainers, he said.


Today children “live in the digital day” using all kinds of tablets, mobile phones and the Internet; and they are not doing anything creative, while these tools can be applied to tell short stories and make films creatively, he observed.

Rasti says the workshop means to teach the trainees how to record sounds and mix the films and the like. With these skills, tools will have functions beyond common daily uses.

Regarding the storytelling courses for adults, he said it is a technique to close the generation gap. Many elderly people don’t know how to use modern communication tools while “they are potentially perfect for telling old stories in new ways.”

Rasti says as the modern world is fast moving towards digital storytelling and film making, there will also be some courses for children.