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Reflecting on Delicate, Carved Colorful Stones

Reflecting on Delicate, Carved Colorful StonesReflecting on Delicate, Carved Colorful Stones

Earlier this month Narenj showroom was inaugurated in Tehran with a different look at visual arts and functional art in everyday life.

For its first exhibition, proprietor Farin Bonakdar said the showroom displayed hand-woven gabbeh carpets and kilim rugs and exquisitely and delicately carved colorful stones which make the visitors deeply reflect on beauty and art, and not just view them as a routine piece of jewelry.

One of the fundamental principles of the showroom is to observe the process of designing and making of jewelry from an artistic aspect. Composition of stones based on their color and their unsymmetrical juxtaposition is usually neglected while that is the essence of artistic work. It, thus, seeks to showcase jewelry beside other works of visual art, “as a way to play a small role in the development of culture and art economy in the country,” he said.