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Tehran to Host Artists’ Futsal World Cup

Tehran to Host Artists’ Futsal World Cup Tehran to Host Artists’ Futsal World Cup

The first Artists’ Futsal World Cup will kick off in Azadi indoor stadium, Tehran from February 22-26.

The advisor to the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in economic affairs said the ministry has organized the event in line with enhancing cultural diplomacy, as a way of improving relations among nations, adding that “the event does not pursue any political objectives,” Honaronline quoted the official as saying.

Cultural diplomacy manifests itself in “art and sports,” said Gholamreza Khalil-Arjmandi at a press conference. He is also the chairman of the Artists Union.

A total number of 30 countries have been invited to participate in the championship, he said, adding that 10 countries have accepted the invitation so far. They include Brazil, Poland, Germany, Romania, Japan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Lebanon, and Hungary.

The idea of holding such a championship in Iran was proposed about 13 years ago, said the official, “But it could not be implemented for various reasons.”

The official hoped that the event will continue in the following years and become a “tradition”.

Mohammad Fanaei, a former Iranian association football referee, said the competition rules would comply with that of futsal. Accordingly, each team will introduce 20 players to the games of whom 7 will play in each round, he said.

Every team must have 10 well-known artists of the participating country and four members of the national football teams over 35 years.

A journalist, a referee, a physician, and three technical staff can associate with the participating teams in the event.