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Int’l Workshop on ‘Power of Imagination’

Int’l Workshop on ‘Power of Imagination’Int’l Workshop on ‘Power of Imagination’

The well-known Belgian theatre director and actress Sandra Carota recently held an international training workshop in Iran.

The workshop, co-organized by the Life Show Group and Molavi Theatre Center of the University of Tehran was held from January 14-19.

Carota introduced a new and unique method to the world of theatre, the so-called “looking for realistic images”, focusing on the authenticity in the role and movements, discovering the power of imagination, Honaronline reported.  

She believes that actors need to have an “open mind” so that they can be creative, and said that she tries “to provoke the brain of the trainees at her workshops to stimulate creativity.”

Describing modesty and teamwork as the main components of theatre, her workshops “aim at educating humble actors,” she said.

During the workshop, the participants had one performance per day and at the end of the workshop, the best performance was selected “for a final play.”

Describing the experience of traveling to Tehran as pleasant, she said she is charmed by the the city and the hospitality of the people.

Carota said she “kind of felt close to Iranians and at home here.” The actress was introduced to Life Show Group and its manager Jafar Mahyari, in Turkey.

Mahyari who has previously held two workshops in the field with the participation of Canadian artists said this is the second round of such workshops, adding that accredited certificates from the Carota Theatre Company will be awarded to the participants in the workshop.

The selected play from among the performances by the workshop trainees will participate in next year’s student theatre festival in Belgium, Mahyari added.