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Old Movie Songs in Shahrdad Rohani Concert

Old Movie Songs in Shahrdad Rohani ConcertOld Movie Songs in Shahrdad Rohani Concert

Shahrdad Rohani, Iranian-American composer, violinist, pianist, and conductor will hold a concert on January 22-23 at the ministry of interior’s main hall.

The upcoming concert will be performed in two parts, said Rohani, at a press conference, Honaronline reported.

The first part includes playing stringed instruments, most of which are designed by the conductor himself, and the second part will be dedicated to Rohani’s compositions, including two pieces of Bart which Rohani has composed for the piano. Soundtracks of some memorable movies of the 1950s, by John Williams and Max Steiner are among the other pieces. Rohani noted that the symphony orchestra accompanying him in his performances is composed of professional musicians who were previously in the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and other music groups. “However, it will certainly be different from the Tehran Symphony Orchestra; it was wrongly attributed in the media that TSO will accompany him in his January concert,” he said.

With just a couple of days left for the orchestra performance, scheduled in four rounds, Rohani was confident that “as the members are skilled and experienced, there would be no problem.”