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109 Young Designers Displaying Artworks

109 Young Designers Displaying Artworks109 Young Designers Displaying Artworks

The second Young Iranian Designers’ Festival, inaugurated on January 16, is open to the public at Tehran’s Qasr Garden Museum, showcasing artworks on title designs and logotypes.

According to the festival secretariat, a total of 453 works from 109 young artists, all art graduates from Iranian universities, are on display. The artworks include both Persian and Latin title designs and logotypes.

The opening ceremony was marked by releasing 200 ‘wish balloons’ into the sky. It was attended by artists and the organizers including festival secretary Hiva Pashaei and internal manager Neda Shirazi who visited the exhibition of artworks.

Among all the artworks five were selected by the jury as the best works of the festival. The jurors included Manuchehr Rakhshan, Masoud Hemati, Ramin Rakhshan, Faezeh Salehi, and Hiva Pashaei.

Qasr Garden Museum is located on Motahari St., Tehran. The exhibition will conclude on January 23.