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Mahyari’s ‘Stools’ Debut in Bologna

Mahyari’s ‘Stools’ Debut in Bologna
Mahyari’s ‘Stools’ Debut in Bologna

The play “The Stools” written and directed by theater director Jafar Mahyari is to have three performances in   Bologna, north Italy.

Slated for October 9-11, the theatrical work will be hosted by Camere d’Aria, a cultural center in the ancient city.

The story is set in an unknown place and has only two actors. An Iranian man and an Italian woman meet and develop an instant liking towards each other.

As they talk and get to know each other, their love grows but they cannot reach each other because each is standing on a stool far from the other. To get closer and together they have to overcome the fear of falling, and climb down the stool.

“It is a symbolic play that portrays modern people who are stuck in their own limitations, unable to move beyond borders they have created for themselves,” Honaronline quoted Mahyari as saying.

A mix of drama and movement, the play is accompanied by santur, a hammered dulcimer of Persian origin, being played live. According to Mahyari, the play is sponsored by Camere d’Aria and is on stage for the first time. If conditions are appropriate, it will be staged in Iran at a later date.


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