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Paradoxes About Human Consciousness

Paradoxes About Human Consciousness
Paradoxes About Human Consciousness

The play “The Hard Problem” written by British playwright Tom Stoppard is to be performed at Baran Theater on September 23.

It is the story of Hilary, a psychology student, and Spike, her academic advisor, who argue over the paradoxes encountered when trying to explain human consciousness, moral sense, altruism, and parental sacrifice. Do humans act predictably, like computers, calculating risks and benefits, or do they act unpredictably, according to each person’s innate sense of what is good?  Directed by Siavash Rafiee, it has Dena Tarefi, Sima Haqi, Baran Khosronejad, Sara Zeynali, Mohsen Aziz and Ali Shiri in the cast, Tiwall reported on its website.

Tom Stoppard, 81, is a Czech-born British playwright and screenwriter famous for the play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” and more than 20 other plays and co-writing the screenplays for “Brazil,” “The Russia House,” and “Shakespeare in Love”.

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