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Exhibition Marks National Day of Cinema

 Exhibition Marks National Day  of Cinema Exhibition Marks National Day  of Cinema

Marking the National Day of Cinema, September 12, the Documentary and Legacy Museum, affiliated to the National Library of Iran, is showing documents, photos, posters, magazines and several issues of newspapers all related to the subject of national cinema.

The documents and photos reflect the 118-year history of Iran’s film industry.

On the opening day of the exhibition the museum in Tehran screened a restored version of Dariush Mehrjui’s “The Cow” made in 1969 starring the celebrated actor Ezzatolah Entezami (1924-2018).

Cinema was barely five years old when it came to Iran at the beginning of the 20th century. After a visit to Paris in July 1900, court photographer Mirza Ebrahim Khan Akkas Bashi (1874-1915) obtained a camera and filmed Qajar ruler Mozaffar al-Din Shah’s visit to Europe on the orders of the king.

Pioneering photographer and cinematographer Mirza Ebrahim Khan Sahaf Bashi was the first to screen short films for the people of Tehran in 1904. The screening took place at the back of his antique shop. In 1905, he opened the first film theater on Cheragh Gaz Avenue in the capital.

The exhibition will conclude on September 22. National Library is close to Haqqani Highway


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