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Sadeq Hedayat’s ‘Dash Akol’ Adapted

Sadeq Hedayat’s ‘Dash Akol’ AdaptedSadeq Hedayat’s ‘Dash Akol’ Adapted

The tragic drama “Dash Akol” based on a namesake short story by eminent fiction writer Sadeq Hedayat (1903-51) is on the screen.

The title character, Dash Akol, is a respected and honorable man who has lost his family wealth by helping his friends. He has an enemy, however, named Kaka Rostam, a mean and spiteful person. Dash Akol, who is in his forties, falls in love with Marjan, the daughter of the late Haji Samad whose estate he manages. But he keeps his love secret.

One day, a suitor seeks Marjan’s hand and Dash Akol considers it against his honor to refuse. On the night of the wedding, Dash Akol hands over the responsibility for the family to the bridegroom.

As he is leaving the house, Kaka Rostam is waiting for him and a fight ensues. Kaka Rostam stabs him in the back, but Dash Akol defends himself and kills Rostam.  While he lies dying, Dash Akol sends his parrot to Marjan with the confession of love he has taught the bird.

Dash Akol was translated into English in 1979 by Richard Arnt and Mansur Ekhtiar.

According to, the movie is directed by Hossein Arab and in the cast are Hossein Yari, Mehran Ghafourian, Mohammadreza Sharifinia, Fatemeh Goudarzi, Helia Emami, Ali Sadeqi, Arjang Amir-Fazli, Amirhossein Sediq and Nima Shahrokh-Shahi.

Kourosh, Azadi, Charsou, Book Garden and Megamall cineplexes are some of the venues showing the film in the capital.


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