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Black, White, Yellow Horses Without Riders

Black, White, Yellow Horses Without RidersBlack, White, Yellow Horses Without Riders

A painting exhibition titled “Riderless Horses” is underway at Art Center Gallery in Tehran featuring horses, some saddled or bridled, trotting or standing.

The horses have been created by contemporary artist Mohammad Hadi Fadavi, 59, Honaronline wrote.

Fadavi’s paintings are in the style of Persian miniature, particularly miniatures of the Safavid (1501-1736) and Timurid (1370-1405) eras.

The horses in the paintings are mostly colored in white, black and yellow using oil color, gouache, acrylic and ink.

The black, white and yellow colors represent the human race, and together they convey the message of unity and integrity, Fadavi says “All the races and beliefs can get along and coexist peacefully if they shun dogmatism and prejudice”.

To give his work a more Persian tinge, Fadavi has employed, in the background, colors usually used in Persian carpets, like Persian indigo and Persian red (also called artificial vermillion).

The exhibit is set to continue through September 11. The venue is located at No. 147, at the end of N. Salami Street, Andarzgou Boulevard, Farmanieh neighborhood.


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