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Creativity With Spoons and Forks Resemble Birds

Creativity With Spoons and Forks Resemble BirdsCreativity With Spoons and Forks Resemble Birds

Saeed Derakhshan Zanganeh’s unique exhibition held recently at Haft Samar Gallery on Motahari Avenue in Tehran, displayed a series of sculptures, part of which were made using spoons and forks!

Zanganeh describing his work to ISNA, said: “the sculptures are of three different types; some are made of spoons and forks, a second group consists of compilations and conceptual works, and the third includes works with wire. All of them are basically made of metal and categorized as sculptures.

The artist said some of the works “are volumes resembling birds and cows. My work is inspired by my personal interest in these animals.”

“I had illustrated 3000 birds before,” he added, “so I decided to turn the second-dimensional pictures into volumes. The statue-like sculptures are suitable for decoration.”

He mentioned the availability and simplicity of the materials and said, “I started my work with wire to captivate my audience. The next, more professional level is using materials that go beyond the ones available at home. Finally, as highlighted by sculpting instructors, is combining the different materials to create the work of art.”

The sculptor also said he has studied graphics, and works on his art by experimenting, using the knowledge of field experts. “I teach sculpting to students to stay on track.”