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Classic Literature for School Children

Classic Literature for School ChildrenClassic Literature for School Children

Selected classic short stories and fables from two Persian works of prose, ‘Marzban Nameh’ and ‘Golestan’, have been rewritten for elementary school students.

“Introducing classical literature will not only seek to familiarize kids and teenagers with our cultural background, it will also help boost cultural, educational, and moral values as well as develop in them an interest in studying,” said Morteza Hatami, the author of the series, quoted by ISNA.

Classic literature “is an endless treasure, and a component of the rich and invaluable culture heritage that we have inherited from our ancestors,” he said, adding that contemporary authors have the responsibility to “rewrite classic literary works in a way that it is comprehensible for kids and teens today” and also familiarize parents.

Stating that classic literature will never be dated, Hatami said it is the writers’ responsibility to share the spiritual joy of classical literature with others.

‘The Stupid Camel’, ‘The Mouse that Defeated the Snake’, and ‘The Slave who Feared Water’, are the stories selected from Golestan, and will be published and distributed by the end of the current calendar year (March 20) for elementary school students.