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Serbian Films on Show in Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz

Serbian Films on Show in Tehran, Shiraz, TabrizSerbian Films on Show in Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz

Art and Experience cinematic group has organized the Serbian Film Week in Tehran, Shiraz and Tabriz, August 23-29, screening seven award winning works from the Balkan nation.

The opening ceremony showed “No One’s Child” (2014). Serbian crew of the movie including director Vuk Ršumović and screenwriter Ana Tomovic alongside Dragan Todorvic, the Serbian ambassador in Iran, cultural attaches from other embassies and Iran’s art figures attended the event, Honaronline reported.

“No One’s Child,” set in the late 1980’s, is the story of a boy found in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina but nobody knows where he has come from.

The film has won numerous awards including the Child Protection Award from Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Best film by Cairo International Film Festival and Audience award from Venice Film Festival in 2014.

Other films include “Train Driver’s Diary” (2016) by Milos Radovic about an engine driver who is close to retirement and has to deal with the death of 28 people accidentally killed during his career.

A documentary “Unplugged” (2013) by Malden Kovacevic is about a private detective retired in a village and who has become a know-it-all peasant.

“Out of the Woods” (2017) by Marko Kostić portrays a weird witty old woman who is forced to deal with an ambiguous future after her country, family and the entire value system are ruined.  

“Enclave” (2015) by Goran Radovanovic, set in war-torn Kosovo in 2004, tells the story of Nenad, a ten- year-old Christian boy from the Serbian enclave, who is determined on a proper community burial for his grandfather.

Drama “Requiem for Mrs. J” (2017) by Bojan Vuletic is about Mrs. J who is depressed by the death of her husband, and is planning to commit suicide.

The films are on the screen at Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran, Golestan Cinema Complex in Shiraz and Baran Cinema Complex in Tabriz. Attendance is free.


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