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Debate on Mass and Space

Debate on Mass and Space
Debate on Mass and Space

Iranian Artists Forum will host a meeting where architects are to discuss mass and space in urban fabrics.

The discussion on “Finding the Ideal Relationship Between Mass and Space in Urban Fabrics” will be a three-hour session on August 27 at Shahnaz Hall of the IAF, Honaronline reported. Veteran architect and lecturer Saeed Sadatnia will preside over the meeting. Keynote speaker is architect and researcher Shiva Arasteh who specializes in context-oriented architecture.

The discussion panel will include Saeed Izadi, deputy minister of road and urban development and specializing in urban conservation; Abdolreza Golpaygani, faculty member at the Architecture Department of University of Tehran, and deputy head of Tehran Municipality’s Office of Architecture and Urban Development; as well as veteran architecture theoretician and essayist Sohrab Mash’houdi, an expert in housing and urban development. The scholars will debate the relationship of mass and space in urban fabrics with regard to historical, social and environmental contexts.

Iranian Artists Forum is inside Artists Park on Iranshahr Street. The meeting is open to the public. When designing an urban place, a harmony between mass and space is of vital significance. The mass has usually clearer features and boundaries, while there would be no such definition for the space.


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