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15 Foreign Entries at Children and Youth Festival

Poster of the film “My Giraffe”Poster of the film “My Giraffe”

The International Film Festival for Children and Youth on Sunday announced the lineup of 15 foreign feature films in the competition section.

With three entries Germany has the highest number of films followed by France and Japan each with two entries. The German films are: “Wendy” by Dagmar Seume, “The Peppercorns and the Curse of the Black King” by  Christian Theede, and “My Giraffe” directed by Barbara Bredero which is a joint  Dutch, Belgian and German production.

Other films vying at the festival include “The Witch Hunters” by Rasko Miljkovic (from Serbia), “The Seen and Unseen” by Kamila Andini (Indonesia), “The Night I Swam” by Kohei Igarashi and Damien Manivel (France and Japan), “The Last Warrior” by Dmitriy Dyachenko (Russia), “Hero Steps” by Henry Rincon (Colombia), “Summer Children” by Gudrun Ragnarsdottir (Iceland, Norway), “Alone” by David Moreau (France), “Casper and Emma Go Hiking” by Arne Lindtner Næss (Norway), “Children Of Genghis” by Zolbayar Dorj (Mongolia), “Little Spirou” by Nicolas Bary (Belgium), and “Home” by Kim Jong-woo (South Korea).

The festival is slated for August 30-September 5 in Isfahan, Honaronline reported.

Jointly organized by Farabi Cinema Foundation, Isfahan Municipality and Iran Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs, the festival includes national and international competitions. Thematic priorities of the event are promotion of ethics, family values, humanitarianism, self confidence, social responsibility and environmental awareness.

The list of Iranian films and films in the special screening sections has not been announced.



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