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Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s Thrilling Short Stories

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s Thrilling Short StoriesEric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s Thrilling Short Stories

A collection of short stories by the celebrated Franco–Belgian author and playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt is now available in Persian.

The book is named after one of the featured short stories “The Revenge of Forgiveness”. It has been translated from French into Persian by Atefeh Habibi and published by Chatrang Publication, ILNA reported.

It contains four short stories. “The Barbarin Sisters” is about two twin sisters who have completely different behavior. “Mademoiselle Butterfly,” deals with a playful Parisian man who abuses a mentally ill peasant girl.

Revenge of Forgiveness is the story of a woman named Elise who regularly visits the murderer of her daughter in prison. The final story “Draw Me an Airplane” is centered on Daphne, a little girl befriending an old retired aviator who reads her favorite book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery for her.

According to the writer’s website, the book has the flair of a psychological thriller where Schmitt explores the darkest and most violent feelings that govern people’s existence.

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, 58, is a novelist, playwright and film director. He has written more than 20 plays, most of them staged in 50 plus countries while three of his novels including “Monsieur Ibrahim” are feature films.


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