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Nostalgic School Story Animated

Nostalgic School Story AnimatedNostalgic School Story Animated

‘The Rooster and the Fox’, a school story that provokes nostalgia in a great number of Iranians, has been turned into a 46-episode animation by Saba animation studio.

Mahomoud Mehr-Avar, the writer of the series said creating the episodes was not a simple task, as not only did he have to recreate the story, but he also had to introduce new adventures and characters, Mehr news agency reported.

He said he had conducted a study on ancient Iranian stories, fairy tales, and folktales, in a bid to get the essence and apply them in his story.

He further said he has used folktales to create a few prototype characters for different episodes, rather than totally developed characters. The story has been changed in a way that it is appealing for the children, and the characters are ‘believable’.

  Tricky Fox

Mitra Abdi, the director of the series said that in each episode, the fox tries to hoodwink the rooster in a new way and the rooster, using its wisdom, finds a way out of the tricky situation.

The comedy series is a semi-musical, said Abdi, adding that modern and high quality animation software has been used in its production.

Iranian miniatures and local music has been used “in a new framework” in the series, she also noted.  

‘The Rooster and the Fox’ tells the story of a fox who catches a farmyard rooster and then is tricked by it into letting it go back to the farm.