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Cyber Campaign to Oppose Religious Insults

Cyber Campaign to Oppose  Religious InsultsCyber Campaign to Oppose  Religious Insults

In response to the publication of the offensive cartoons of the Holy Prophet of Islam in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, a number of art and culture figures in the country along with Muslims around the world strongly condemned the action.

In an innovative campaign, Muslims of the world have now joined hands in cyberspace under the slogan ‘I Love Muhammad (PBUH)’. Through creative graphic designs such as ‘We Are All Muhammad’, ‘Muhammad’s Followers’, ‘We Love Muhammad’, they expressed disgust and hatred at the offensive cartoons by Charlie Hebdo and the Western countries that supported such inadmissible action.

Condemning all acts of terrorism against innocent civilians, the campaign seeks “to declare that to insult and commit offensive actions against all divine prophets is immoral and not supported by any true religion.”

World Muslims compare the offensive action by the French magazine with the inhuman acts committed by Takfiris and say both are acts of terrorism.

  Strong Support

Muslims across the globe have followed and supported the campaign and spread it in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and other social media. They want to tell the world that followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are completely different from the Al-Qaeda and IS, as Muslims themselves are the target of terrorist acts in countries such as Syria and Iraq.

In Iran, a large number of art and culture personalities have joined the campaign, announcing that “there is a great difference between freedom of speech and license to insult. In a country where people believe in democracy, they should know that the first and foremost principle is to respect all beliefs and ideas and not insult them; it is clear that drawing an offensive cartoon of the beloved Prophet of 1.5 billion world Muslims is the real example of violation of democracy. The action is considered blasphemy and should be condemned.”

The campaign has been launched in different languages including English, French, Arabic, Persian, etc.