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Music in Solo, Group Performance

Music in Solo, Group PerformanceMusic in Solo, Group Performance

Naqsh traditional ensemble will present solo and group performances at Roudaki Hall.

On August 16, the ensemble, led by tar and setar player Amir Sharifi, will perform a repertoire of Iranian traditional music.

“We will present six solo performances with free meter and one piece with fixed meter,” Honaronline quoted Sharifi as saying. Meter refers to the regularly recurring patterns and accents such as bars and beats.

“The solo performances are designed on the basis of an idea I proposed. They are stage-ready after having been rehearsed for months,” Sharifi said. The group performances are planned during intervals between the solos.

Tickets to the concert are available at Roudaki Hall is located on Shahryar Blvd., Hafez Street, south of Enqelab Avenue.

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