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Ney & Qanun for a Few Nights

Ney & Qanun for a Few NightsNey & Qanun for a Few Nights

A live music program dubbed “Few Nights of Ney and Qanun,” will be held for the eighth time on August 13-15.

Organized under the auspices of music company, concert organizer and music school Naghmeh Hesar Institute, the program at Roudaki Hall will feature on its first night Hamid-Reza Zebardast and Zaman Kheyri on ney, as well as Marjan Mehrban and Seda Sodeyfi on qanun.

On the second night, Hossein Khosh-Chehreh and Mehdi Teymouri will play ney, while Yasaman Najmeddin and Mozhgan Hosseini will be on qanun, Mehr News Agency reported.

The third and final night will have Saeed Rouhani and Amir Siavashpour on the ney, and Farideh Rezaee and Parichehr Khajeh on qanun.

The series is organized with the purpose of introducing and promoting traditional music. The program will be held in 10 rounds by the end of March 2019, when a DVD package, containing all recorded performances, is to be released by Naghmeh Hesar Institute.

Ney is an end-blown flute that figures prominently in Middle Eastern music and one of the oldest musical instruments still in use.

The Persian ney is a piece of hollow cane or giant reed with five or six finger holes and one thumb hole. Modern neys may be made instead of metal or plastic tubing.

Qanun is a string instrument played in much of the Middle East, West Africa, Central Asia and southeastern Europe. It is the historical relative of santur from the same geography.

Tickets to the concerts are available at Roudaki Hall is located on Shahryar Blvd., Hafez Street, south of Enqelab Avenue.

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