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Play About Intentions Behind Actions and Options

Play About Intentions Behind Actions and OptionsPlay About Intentions Behind Actions and Options

Azadi Tower in Tehran will hold three performances of the play “Ruthless Killer Hasse Karlsson” from August 11-13.

The theatrical show is based on a namesake play written by Swedish crime writer, children’s author and dramatist Henning Mankell (1948-2014) that has been translated into Persian by actor and writer Masoud Rayegan, Honaronline reported.

The psychological drama deals with motives behind actions and choices, as well as their repercussions later in life through the story of a man in his early middle age, Hasse Karlsson, who travels to a rural village in Sweden to see his dying mother one last time.

A bus breakdown leaves him stranded in the middle of an Arctic forest at night and face to face with his memories, fears and uncertainties. There are flashbacks to 1948, when Hasse’s life, then 13, changed irreversibly when a new kid came to school.

Directed by Mohammad-Javad Besharat, the cast includes Pedram Azizi, Kimia Nasseri, Shahrzad Ali-Mohammdi, Reyhaneh Yazdan-Yar and Ayeh Qobadiana.

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