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Davoodi’s ‘Centipede’ Breaks Domestic Box Office Record

Davoodi’s ‘Centipede’ Breaks Domestic Box Office RecordDavoodi’s ‘Centipede’ Breaks Domestic Box Office Record

Abolhassan Davoodi’s latest comedy “Centipede” is now Iran’s all-time best seller movie as it has taken in over 211 billion rials ($2.1 million), breaking the record of previous holder “The Whale 2” by Saman Moqaddam.

According to Cinematicket, it is on the screen at 140 cinemas across the country. It rose to the top in barely 35 days while Whale 2 became Iran’s highest grossing film of all time last year after it reached $2 million in 85 days last summer surpassing the $1.9 million record set by Saeed Soheili “Patrol 2” last spring. Both previous record holders were also comedies.

After its screening was over by the end of summer, Whale 2 grossed $2.09 million. But that record has now been easily beaten by “Centipede” which will surely better its total sale as it is expected to remain on screen for at least five more weeks.  The film is expected to generate over $3 million until the beginning of fall.

Davoodi’s film features comedians Reza Attaran and Javad Ezzati as well as popular actors Mehran Ahmadi, Shohreh Lorestani, Laleh Eskandari, Amir-Mehdi Juleh and Sara Bahrami.

The story is set in the early 1990s when the eight-year long bloody war between Iran and Iraq ends. It centers around two thieves, Reza and Mansour who snatch people’s bags in the streets of Tehran.

Reza, who has lost his right leg in an accident and uses a prosthetic, learns about a rich girl who intends to marry a war veteran. He goes on to deceive the girl by pretending that he is a former combatant who lost a leg in the war.

Davoodi, a screen writer, director and producer, has previously directed other successful comedies including “Magical Trip,” “Pickpockets Will Not Go to Heaven,” and “Bread, Love and Motorbike 1000,” all among bestsellers.

Comedies generally do well at the box office in Iran. Seven out of 10 all-time best sellers in the history of contemporary Iranian cinema are comedies.

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