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Jahangir Arjmand’s Anthropological Figurines

Jahangir Arjmand’s Anthropological Figurines Jahangir Arjmand’s Anthropological Figurines

 Among the treasured items of Negarestan Garden Museum is an anthropological collection of figurines made by late self-taught sculptor Jahangir Arjmand.

Arjmand gifted the collection to the museum in 2012, one year before his death. The collection includes over 60 small-scale works of art showing people of different social classes in various poses and situations.  With the collection, Arjmand has documented part of Iran’s history and culture. His figurines are either alone or in groups. Some of them, mostly famous figures, are just sitting or standing; some are doing their job; and there are groups shown in specific ceremonies.

Notable personalities in the collection include clerics and former presidents Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (1934-2017) and Seyed Mohammad Khatami, 74, santur virtuoso Habib Somaee (1901-1946), poet and translator Iraj Mirza (1874-1926) and setar vi :-* rtuoso Ahmad Ebadi (1906-1993), as well as rulers from the Qajar dynasty (1786-1925).

Work of bakers, butchers, masons and barbers are among the many professions in Arjmand’s collection.

Negarestan Garden Museum is located near Baharestan Square at the eastern end of Jomhuri Avenue.

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