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Double-Eyed Persian Alphabet“هـ”

Double-Eyed Persian Alphabet“هـ”Double-Eyed Persian Alphabet“هـ”

All the artworks Homayoun Boroumandi has brought to his new exhibit underway at Saless Art Gallery are sculptures in the form of the letter H in Persian language, “هـ”

The sculptures are in different colors and most have been decked with various images; one is covered with calligraphy while another has a portrait of a woman from ancient Persia, wrote.

Known among Iranians by the name “double-eyed H”, the letter has gained popularity in recent years among outfit designers and artists when used in the accessories and clothing items designed by Nima Behnoud, owner of NIMANY brand.

Behnoud designed a ring by stylizing a formation of the letter that became popular for several years and has been copied many times by jewelers.

However, the employment of the letter in art goes back to the year 1964 when internationally recognized contemporary Iranian artist Parviz Tanavoli created his first calligraphic sculpture “Heech”.  Heech is equivalent to the word “nothing” in Persian; the word begins with the double-eyed H. So far Tanavoli, 80, has made at least a hundred heeches, in different sizes and forms.

Located at No. 148, between Iranshahr and Mahshar streets off Karimkhan Avenue, the gallery will show the artworks through August 8.

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