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New Books for Expanding Children’s Life Skills

New Books for Expanding Children’s Life Skills New Books for Expanding Children’s Life Skills

Soroush publication has recently published seven books to help develop certain life skills in children.

The books of well-known author Michaelene Mundy have been translated by Maryam Razaghi from English into Persian, according to the public relations office of Soroush.  

Mundy has written a number of books for children. She is a school and community counselor, and has taught elementary school children.

A distinguishing feature of the translated books is that the author has used simple and friendly language to address daily events in a child’s life “with a psychological approach,” providing advice on how to encounter life events.

Each book has several chapters, with each analyzing the details of an event. Lively illustrations will encourage children to peruse through the books.

Although the books mainly targets kids, they also teach parents how to interact with their children when encountering certain situations in their lives, like when they go to school for the first time or when they face the death of a loved one.

‘A Book of Prayers for All Your Cares,’ a book with a psychological approach towards mysticism, talks to children about God, teaching them how to tell Him about their emotions and thoughts “in their own words”.

In friendly language and creative images, the author and illustrator tell the kids that they can pray to God whenever they are sad, angry, exhausted, or upset, and even when they feel “stupid.”

 For Parents Too

The book is also an attempt to teach parents how to explain to their children about God, as well as talking to them about their own beliefs and related experiences.

‘Getting Out of a Stress Mess!: A Guide for Kids’, the second book in the series, teaches kids how to alleviate anxiety. By mixing artistic and rational approaches, the book is an attempt to help kids cope with stress and feel relaxed.

‘Keeping School Cool!: A Kid’s Guide to Handling School Problems’, informs children about various school-related topics including learning, about teachers, homework assignments, friendship with classmates, and sense of security, which are faced by children at school every day.

The author, using a language understandable to small children, motivates empathy and confidence in them, as well as provides them with practical guidelines to deal with school life.

The book provides children and their parents with simplified guidelines on how to deal with issues at school, giving the kids instruments to help them feel more comfortable in the school environment.

‘It’s Great to Be Grateful!: A Kid’s Guide to Being Thankful!’ is another book that teaches the children how to be nice with others, thus “making the world a better place.” Topics like family life, relationship between humankind and the surrounding social environment, cultural differences, and affection for God and others are addressed in this book.

 Coping With Grief

‘Sad Isn’t Bad: A Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing with Loss’, helps children who have lost a parent, sibling, or another loved one recover from grief. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, the book presents reliable methods for coping with sadness and grief.

For children who have to move to a new house along with their family and adapt to their new surroundings, the book ‘Saying Good-Bye, Saying Hello...: When Your Family Is Moving’ helps make moving easier.

As it is essential to help them feel secure and not be afraid of getting hurt as a result of the change in their living place, it teaches them how to say goodbye to their old neighborhood and friends, as well as encountering the excitement of a new place and new people.

The last book in the series, ‘Mad Isn’t Bad: A Child’s Book about Anger’ is all about teaching children how to control anger. It tells them about anger, where it originates, and provides them with practical solutions on how to deal with it in a positive way.