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Play on French Resistance to Nazi Occupation

Play on French Resistance to Nazi OccupationPlay on French Resistance to Nazi Occupation

A loose adaptation of the 1942 novel “The Silence of the Sea” written by French writer and illustrator Jean Bruller is on stage at Iranshahr Theater.

The text has been rewritten by Reza Gouran and Nima Dehqan is the director of the play. It will run until August 17, Tiwal reported on its website.

The play is the story of a Frenchman and his niece who are forced to give shelter to a Nazi soldier who seemingly loves their country and culture.

Actors Shahram Haqiqat-Doust, Alireza Ara and Khatereh Asadi perform the play. The novel was written by Bruller (1902-1991) during the World War II occupation of northern France in 1941. Published in early 1942 it  quickly became a symbol of mental resistance against Nazi Germay.

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