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Scary But a Rarity

Scary But a Rarity  Scary But a Rarity

Georges Franju’s lyrical 1962 black-and-white classic “Eyes Without a Face” will have one screening at Raj Gallery on Thursday.

Set in the French countryside, a brilliant, obsessive doctor attempts a radical plastic surgery to restore his daughter’s once-beautiful face, but at a horrifying price, wrote.

When released in 1962, the film did not receive positive comments from the critics, but subsequent theatrical adaptations and home video re-releases put it on a higher pedestal.

Lauded as something of a rarity in horror cinema, Eyes Without a Face  has been the inspiration for many later films and  stunned audiences around the world with its shocking, yet poetic, imagery.

Pierre Brasseur,  Édith Scob, Alida Valli and François Guérin are among the cast.

Raj gallery is located at No. 4, Hakimi Allley, Pakistan Street on Beheshti Avenue.

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