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Musical Play by Rahmanian

Musical Play by RahmanianMusical Play by Rahmanian

A musical play directed by veteran theater director Mohammad Rahmanian is on stage at Iranshahr Theater in Tehran.

“Leyla and a Few Travelers” includes a group of professional theater and TV actors namely Ali Omrani, Fariba Motekhassess, Mahtab Nasirpour, Afshin Hashemi and Ehsan Karami among others, ILNA reported on its Persian website.

Rahmanian’s production is a combination of his earlier two musical plays “Leyla” previously staged at Fajr Music Festival in 1999 and “A Few Travelers” about the role of religion and faith in modern life that was performed in 2006.

The current musical play features a group of musicians and two singers who accompany the performers on stage, Nima Masiha and Hamidreza Golshan are the singers.

Among the musicians are Parisa Kashefi who plays tar, kamanche and oud, keyboard player Ashkan Aria, guitarist Ramin Aria as well as Kiarash Sakhaie on the cajón.

The show that will run until July 27 can also be considered a follow up to the successful musicals by the director including “Folklore Ballads” and “Old Ballads” performed in the past.

The venue is located next to Iranian Artist Forum, Honarmandan (Artists) Park, Iranshahr St., Taleqani St.

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