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Innovative Styles of the Ubiquitous Headscarf

Innovative Styles of  the Ubiquitous HeadscarfInnovative Styles of  the Ubiquitous Headscarf

As an all-season demand in Iran, the headscarf market makes great business for suppliers.

The first guideline on the scarf market is that no matter what the season is, headscarves are always in popular demand, as people, particularly women, inevitably ask for this piece of clothing, Persian daily Forsat Emrooz reports.  

The report offers some tips for retailers in the headscarf market.  Like offering different kinds of accessories for different seasons of the year; this can be helpful in attracting a larger number of customers. “For example, sun hats are popular in summer, while gloves and knitted headwear can sell well in winter,” says the report, adding that customers indeed ask for socks too from scarf stores all the year round.

The size of the store does not matter; it is only enough to have clever ideas for running the business. If there is not enough room to present all the accessories, the seller popularizes his products by pasting advertisements and pictures on the wall.

Another way to attract customers to a headscarf shop is by displaying tutorials that show how to tie a scarf in different ways.

“Currently, different styles are advertised on how to tie a scarf in Italian, Lebanese, Arabic and Iranian styles,” according to the report. By installing monitors inside and even outside their store, sellers can attract the attention of customers to the various styles, which “ultimately can help them boost their sales.”


Traditional categorization of scarves according “to their square or  rectangular shapes, might not work properly anymore,” says the report, suggesting that instead, the retailers can categorize scarves in other innovative ways, titling the categories as ‘popular among youth’, ‘teens’, etc.

The sellers can also offer products for both casual and formal occasion, to satisfy a wider range of customers.

Also, women are always interested in new Hijab (clothing to cover arms, forehead, and neck) accessories. Sellers should provide the accessories, besides offering a choice of larger scarves for their convenience.

Male sellers are warned not to comment on the appearance of female customers, “as it can be very annoying and upsetting.” Employing female sellers can also be helpful, suggests the report.  The sellers need to take special care of their customers to encourage them to visit their shop again.