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Nassiri, Jahanmani Perform July 22

Nassiri, Jahanmani Perform July 22Nassiri, Jahanmani Perform July 22

Niavaran Cultural Center will host a duet by drummer and composer Homayoun Nassiri, leader of Darkoob Band, in collaboration with composer and tar player Payam Jahanmani.

The concert is slated for July 22 and tickets are available via The cultural center is located at the northern tip of Pasdaran Street, across Niavaran Park.

Nassiri plays percussion, and Jahanmani is on tar. “Jahanmani’s tar performance will be accompanied by a new form of percussion, unlike the routine traditional forms played with tonbak and daf,” Honaronline quoted Nassiri as saying.

For the concert, Nassiri will bring a “western” percussion set he has been working with for a while. “We want to show that Iranian music can get along with non-Iranian instruments … They can form a pleasant combination,” Nassiri said.

In their careers, both Nassiri and Jahanmani have often tried to defy norms and habits.


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