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Anoushirvan Rouhani’s Memorable Pieces at Niavaran Piano Concert

Repertoire of the concerts includes the famous pieces that require a high level of skill and technique
Anoushirvan RouhaniAnoushirvan Rouhani

Niavaran Cultural Center in north Tehran will host two piano concerts featuring legendary pop compositions by renowned composer and pianist Anoushirvan Rouhani, 78.

Rouhani’s “Pop Legends” will be performed by one of his junior pupils Payam Samimi, together with Sepehr Qazi.

Rouhani’s program manager Edris Nasseri has organized the concerts which are slated for Wednesday and Thursday nights, ILNA reported on its Persian website.

Repertoire of the concerts includes famous pieces such as “Soltan-e Qalbha” (king of hearts), “Gol-e Sang” (stone flower), “Faryad” (scream), “Sarab” (mirage) and “Bahaneh” (excuse).

“I’m serious when I say that Payam Samimi and Sepehr Qazi are highly proficient performers, even more proficient than many renowned masters,” Nasseri said. “I asked them to pick the pieces that can invoke fond memories and require a high level of skill and technique.”

It is the first time that the two pianists are having a public performance. To perform Rouhani’s compositions, they visited their master for his consent.

After the Tehran performance, “Pop Legends” is planned to go on stage in other cities namely Isfahan, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Rasht and Gorgan.

Tickets to the concerts are available at Niavaran Cultural Center is located at the northern tip of Pasdaran Street, across Niavaran Park.

Born in Rasht, Gilan Province, in 1939, Rouhani received music lessons from his father who was a poet and violinist. He later studied piano with master Javad Maroufi at the Persian National Music Conservatory in Tehran. His brothers, Shahrdad, Ardeshir and Shahriar are also musicians.

Besides piano, Rouhani mastered the electronic organ and accordion. In 1958, Anoushirvan began his collaboration with the National Iranian Radio. Rohani’s career covers over 500 compositions including numerous vocals, orchestral music, piano pieces and film scores.

Recently he has been working with Hannover Opera & Ballet Orchestra in Germany and the Czech Symphony Orchestra in Prague.

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