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Persian Song in Sami’s ‘Center’

Persian Song  in Sami’s ‘Center’Persian Song  in Sami’s ‘Center’

The famous Muslim singer, Sami Yusuf, released his 5th album ‘The Center’ last week.

The new album contains 13 tracks, sung in three languages, English, Arabic and Persian, MNA reported.

Long after Cat Stevens, Sami Yusuf, the British singer, songwriter and composer of Azerbaijani descent comes on the stage.

Born in Tehran, Sami Yusuf grew up in London and learned the piano, violin, tambourine, table, lute, and Persian instruments tar, santur, daf, etc.

He sings in English, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Azeri and Malay to complement his multi-instrumental art.

His works, mostly thematizing Islamic subjects, have attracted fans from Egypt, Turkey, Germany, North America London, UAE, Iran and India.

According to his official website, his debut album, Al Muallim sold over 7 million copies; his 2nd, My Ummah, over 8 million; Wherever You Are, his 3rd album, over 4 million copies; and finally Sami’s fourth album, Salaam is still selling high.

 Global Recognition

Time Magazine hailed Sami as Islam’s biggest Rock Star though he did not approve of the title, claiming he is no pop, no rock star, just a singer and musician who likes to make good music. The Guardian introduced him as the most famous British Muslim in the World.

Sami is the first Muslim musician who received the honorary Doctor of Letters award in recognition of his contribution to music. Only three musicians have been granted the honor.

He is a UN celebrity partner. In partnership with the UN World Food Program, he launched a campaign to help end famine in the Horn of Africa. His concert in Wembley, London raised millions of pounds for the victims of Darfur, West Sudan.

Despite having been born in Iran and singing in Persian, he has not performed in Iran yet. However, he has held several concerts in different countries including Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.