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New Titles on Bookshelves

New Titles on BookshelvesNew Titles on Bookshelves

Some new releases in Persian literary fiction have arrived to feed the interests of readers in the genre.

‘Go Back From Whence You Came,’ is the second novel authored by Fereshteh Nobakht after her first novel ‘Sour Apple’ was released. The book published by Cheshmeh publishing house is a novel with a social theme and four narrators. One of the protagonists of the story is a young woman named Shiva. She is a foster child who, upon leaving foster care decides to stand alone and pulls herself up by her bootstraps; yet meets someone along the way who changes her life.

‘Yashmagh’ is Nader Saeevar’s first novel, published by Rozaneh. Saeevar who is a filmmaker by profession, has written several short stories for different magazines. Yashmagh is a war novel that chronicles the story of a man who is delving deep into his own past; a war veteran who is losing his sight but is looking for some inner transcendental meaning to sustain himself; along the way he faces his fair share of trials and tribulations.

‘The fourteenth country’ is also a collection of stories by Elham Fallah which was released by Negah Publication. She is the author of two previous works of fiction. Her new release is a sequence which happens in rural Gilan during the 1960s.