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Attaran, Ezzati in New Comedy

Attaran, Ezzati in New ComedyAttaran, Ezzati in New Comedy

Abolhassan Davoodi’s latest comedy “Centipede” started screening from Wednesday.

The film features comedians Reza Attaran and Javad Ezzati as well as popular actors Mehran Ahmadi, Shohreh Lorestani and Sara Bahrami.

The story is set in the late 1980s. It centers around two thieves who become aware of a secret by accident, and try to take advantage of the opportunity.

Davoodi, a screen writer, director and producer, has previously directed other successful comedies including “Magical Trip,” “Pickpockets Will Not Go to Heaven,” and “Bread, Love and Motorbike 1000,” all among bestsellers.

Comedies generally do well at the box office. Three of the best sellers so far this year are Mehran Ahmadi’s “Confiscation” selling over $3.7 million, “Texas” directed by Masoud Atyabi is fourth with $2.7m, and “Vespiary” by Borzu Niknejad fifth at $2.1m.

Considering Davoodi’s successful career in making comedies and the popularity of the cast, it is expected that Centipede will do equally well this summer.


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